Greg Tolpigin has enjoyed an extensive career in the media being often looked to for market views, predictions and analysis.

Million Dollar Trader is designed to teach members how to generate consistent profits by showing the application of proven techniques in the real world of trading. While Greg will show you all the techniques and strategies he uses on a day by day basis, the main focus of his teachings is on three main techniques that form the majority of his profits:

    1. How to identify stocks that are poised to increase 50%, 100% and even 500% in value and invest right as they           begin to take off.

    2. How to identify certain market and sector trends that are turning “hot” like a gold rush,Lithium craze, 

        technology boom etc and how to maximize profits and importantly how to know when to get out

    3. How to predict market trends and especially identify when markets are at an extreme risks of a “crash”

        or bear market

Greg is one of the few market participants who actually makes clear cut, bold predictions and backs it up with a real investment. He is most famously known for selling his home and investing it all in the stock market in March 2003 because he saw a major bull market unfolding and was the subject of a major Australian newspaper article (click here) and TV appearances.

This educational path to profitable trading cuts away all the theory and hundreds of “historic examples” and uses only real trades Greg has used as a strategist and proprietary trader for the major US and Australian investment banks and continues to apply today.

Members continually learn the methodical process one of Australia’s leading traders uses to continually discover new winning trades and opportunities. Members follow the journey of how Greg has generated millions of dollars from trading and investing in the real world.


Members first learn the main trading strategies and process that Greg uses via the downloadable eBook with dozens of examples, including videos, of where that technique has been used in Greg’s trading history.

Greg is excellent at explaining in basic and graphic terms how different markets interrelate and give early warning signals that can be used by traders to gain a trading edge.


Greg has used many of these techniques to successfully predict major market turning points, collapses and long-term market trends.



Included free in the first year, is the annual subscription component which gives members to the website where Greg reveals at the end of each week:

  • All of the trades and opportunities he identified in the past week

  • Which one(s) of the trading strategies in the eBook is being applied

  • Any other “market” insights gained from the techniques taught

  • Trade structure

  • Risk Management

  • How to apply research techniques to Company announcements over the past week

  • The importance of managing trader psychology

  • The overall approach to trading as a career and how to maintain peak performance

This is a real insight into the life of a real, consistently profitable trader who is part of the 2% who have actually managed to create real wealth from trading and investing over more than two decades.

The techniques Greg teaches and uses are the exact same ones that investment banks and hedge funds paid him tens of thousands of dollars each to gain access to, when he ran his proprietary trading and advisory businesses. 

By seeing how Greg applies these strategies, you will gain the confidence to start reading, understanding markets and learning how to apply these powerful techniques to identify your own explosive trading and investment opportunities.

If you want to learn real strategies that work from one of Australia’s leading traders that has accumulated real wealth by taking real risks then join today.

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