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95% of Traders lose money,

3% make enough money to earn a modest income.

Less than 2% accumulate real wealth

- wealth for generations

GT began his career in late 1993 at Citigroup after cold-calling the entire industry looking for a lucky break while still in high school. Citigroup answered the call and following his last HSC exam he began working within the Economics department while studying  at Macquarie University.

​Less than 12 months later still at age 18 he was offered a role at Bankers Trust to develop trading ideas and strategies for its dealing room traders, clients and funds management team. Working with some of the greatest traders in the country it was a unique opportunity to test theories and techniques across ALL asset classes, while adopting the skills of the highly profitable proprietary trading team.

​The sink of swim nature of the role (and his age) ensured that trade ideas and market predictions had to be consistently correct in order to remain employed and respected.

​After moving on to Macquarie Bank, in March 2003 GT famously sold his Sydney property to invest its entirety into the stockmarket believing that a new bull market would begin. This bold move became the feature of a series of media articles and interviews (available on the Media page). It was the perfect opportunity to set up his proprietary trading and advisory business at the age of 27. It was the last time he would ever earn a salary. Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Societe Generale and many brokerage firms were all quick to become clients of his published research. The proprietary trading team consistently turned over more than a billion dollars a year, and achieved results among the best industry.

​After becoming a proud father he took several years away from the media spotlight and active trading to enjoy this new stage of his life. In 2013 he returned to start the proprietary trading desk at Gleneagle Securities - a 50/50 JV between himself and the firm.

​Due to his high profile GT has appeared on CNBC, The Channel 9 Business Sunday programme, a guest columnist for the Australian Financial Review, and regular author for Personal Investor, Wealth Creator and Shares magazines.

​He was also the youngest ever Treasurer of Australian Technical Analyst Association and one of the most popular speakers at investment seminars around the country, before abstaining away from media obligations.  His current only commitment is a columnist on Share Cafe (www.sharecafe.com.au)

​Away from the markets and his family, GT is passionate about motorsport having driven some of the most famous circuits around the world and has a soft spot for racing and collecting exotic supercars.

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